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About Us

Background of our company

Rusere Webs started in 2018 in Fish Hoek. We started with website design services only. As time goes, we have added some services to better serve our clients. The company have grown and now have its own dedicated servers. Our servers are located in a high security facility. We are hopeful that we will continue offering quality services at affordable prices.

Our humble beginings have set us in a growth trajectory. Our belief and focus is that we can be able to offer great services to everyone at lower prices.

We are investing in more sophisticated servers to expand our customer base.

Our expansion strategy is pointing towards moving everything to our cloud. Benefits of moving to the cloud are so much exspecialy now that the world is now under this pandemic. Our teams works from and hence need to colloborate.

Cloud services also bring with them the redunadancy and ability to spikes in service demand thereby limiting the effects of denial of service attacks.

Our business networks are so important. We have a large network of partners who we transact with on many level. Building value and relationships is of utmost importance to us.

But we will not be here if it was not the support of our loyal clients. We are so grateful for you support. Our promise is always to offer you more value.

Our Team

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